Second Foundation

Second Foundation (Foundation #3)Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov
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There is a technique in hip-hop emceeing where one raps a “scheme.”A scheme is lyric writing with multiple meanings. Through a second read or listen of the lyrics you will catch hidden words that were not immediately present the first time. It is a common device for the sunken phrases to have an interlocking theme; the more obvious, the more dazzling it is to the listener that they did not catch it the first time.

Second Foundation is a cerebral writer’s wet dream because Isaac Asimov is scheming throughout the entire book to woo us at the end.

And how marvelously does he?

There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how much I love the Foundation novels. This third one is the greatest yet.

The statecraft, the philosophical discussions, the obscure themes and subtle arguments, and the space-age “science whodunnit” make it the most irresistible book I’ve read in ages. Highly recommended.

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