How To Pick A Poker Coach

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I had a lot of fun writing this email and giving credit to coaches I respect. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Hey guys,

As per usual, it’s good to speak with you :)

I actually just had two students graduate out of my Talent Coaching Program, so I have space for two new people.

However, I didn’t want to just send the same ad again, because I know your inbox is already flooded with hundreds of other emails from poker players trying to make a buck off of you. So, I thought I’d write an article which would help you decide whether or not you should get poker coaching…from myself or anyone else.

If you want to just get right to the details of my coaching program, you can find them at the bottom of this email, but until then let’s discuss…

When Poker Coaching Is A Bad Idea…

You’re not going to hear this from many poker coaches, but there are many times when getting poker coaching is not a good idea.

Make no mistake: Poker coaching is the most expensive educational option for learning how to play poker. If you are going to invest the money in private consultation then you should know 100% it is right for you.

When is it not right? Generally, when you’re starting out, it’s not a good idea to go get a poker coach. Most beginner’s information is out there for free. Poker books can be more informative than ten poker lessons with a mediocre coach, and that book will only cost $30.00.

Another time it is bad to pick a coach is when you’re not paying attention to the game at all. If you haven’t played poker for a while due to work, illness, or whatnot you need to let a personal poker coach know that. Generally, they should want you to check out a few materials first.

Picking A Coach That Is Right For You

If you’re playing low stakes tournaments and your coaching budget is $100 to $300 then generally the best use of your money will be a training site and then one or two sessions with a lower-stakes coach, with each hour costing around $50.00. To be clear, I don’t offer this option.

The lower stakes coaches should be willing to go the extra mile for you. They are just entering a very competitive field, and they shouldn’t be worried about spending an extra ten minutes with you or exchanging a few IMs.

Try to find free “samples” of their work online, and see if they speak to you. Many of the best poker coaches I had personally weren’t fantastic players, but the way they spoke to me got me to play the game more solidly.

What To Look For In A Poker Coach

The best way to decide if a poker coach is right for you is to watch them teach on video. In my opinion, if a poker coach does not offer any trial materials for you to understand their teaching style, then they are likely not committed enough to their craft.

You want to know that your poker coach only does two or three lessons a day. I can say from personal experience that anything more than that is excruciatingly exhausting.

You want to know your poker coach will give you their undivided attention. I’ve heard of many poker coaches who actually play when they are teaching. This is astounding to me. You cannot provide any kind of service to someone when your attention is divided like that.

The poker coach should be playing regularly, but they don’t necessarily have to be the best poker player in the world. Many of the best poker pros are savants who have difficulty explaining their methods to others.

However, some low stakes coaches are extremely good at teaching their methods in an easy-to-understand style. Just because they play $20.00 tournaments for a living doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to help you right now.

A good poker coach should also be busy. It’s just like if you were hiring a lawyer. Do you really want the guy who is just hanging around the phone all day desperate for work? No, you want the guy who has a busy calendar. Part of getting that person, however, means that you have to book your sessions early and stick to the appointment.

Teaching style is a big deal as well. My favorite poker coach of all time is Matthew Janda. However, his teaching style is extremely theoretical, and might not be the best fit for you.

You also want to work with someone who plays your games regularly. I’ve recently begun playing many low stakes poker tournaments online and reviewing many hand histories in those buy-in levels because I found some of my strategies to need reworking. However, I see other coaches advocating the same strategies that haven’t worked for years in the same games.

Coaches I Trust

Jonathan Little, in my opinion, is fantastic at breaking down complex subjects into easy-to-understand lessons.

Rob Tinnion I have watched grow for years. He is a workhorse who loves the game and has much to offer.

Carlos Welch is the best low-stakes coach I know of right now.

I don’t know if you can get an appointment with him, but Jon Van Fleet, AKA “Apestyles” is just the best online tournament player I’ve ever seen. He’s an extremely hard worker who brings many new ideas to the game.

Splitsuit and Ed Miller do an amazing job at making accessible classes for players of all types. I’ve been really impressed at how they teach complex ranging in multi-street hands. I can say from experience that is not easy.

Should I Be Your Poker Coach?

What differentiates me from these guys? To be honest, you would be in great hands with any of them, but I do believe I offer an unparalleled service for a great cost.

The big difference between myself and other coaches is that I am a poker coach first and a player second. This allows me to price my lessons at a more affordable rate than most coaches of my caliber.

For the record, I do still play poker several times a week. In 2016 I had a WPT final table and a WSOP Main Event cash. The few online sessions I’ve played lately have seen me making larger final tables.

I have chosen to teach poker primarily because I enjoy creating things and working with people. I was a full-time pro for many years. I loved my job, but it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.

Working with professionals of all ages from myriad different industries, establishing quality interpersonal relationships, and creating a legacy through my videos and written work gives me immense satisfaction.

I love poker a hundred times more now thanks to my students. Getting intelligent people to question my methods every day is an intense form of practice I couldn’t find anywhere else. I love every minute of that. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This gives me a huge edge in the professional coaching world.

Many poker coaches only start coaching because they are broke. They are broke because their methods are dated. They are bitter they are not on the felt all day, and so they deliver mediocre consultation.

If you hire any of the coaches I recommended you will not get a service like that. I know almost all of those guys personally and I can tell you they really love their teaching jobs and they are amazing poker players.

What The Talent Coaching Program Is Like:

When you hire me the big advantage you get is this is my full-time job.

It takes me three to seven days to respond to most emails. This is because I get hundreds every week from players all over the world, and I answer them all personally myself. If you’re in my Talent Coaching Program, however, you get my personal cell phone number. You can WhatsApp me or text me at any time. You can ask me for quick advice before a final table or run a hand by me.

I recently rewrote my lesson plan. I went and practiced this lesson plan in Europe, Canada, the USA, and online. I can say with authority that my methods work.

The way the lessons work is this. You book a time through my personal schedule manager. Your first lesson is free because I don’t know a ton about you yet. In this first lesson, I get to know you for 30-45 minutes, and I review your database or your thoughts on poker. I then create a lesson plan for you.

We then meet every 2 to 4 weeks. Between lessons, you will be given a great deal of homework. It is extremely important to me that you do this homework.

During our lessons, I write personal notes in the Skype chat. I also take screenshots of important hand histories and type out your most important concepts. The ideas I present to you have been developed over my thousands of hours with 2,000+ individual students I’ve met from 60+ countries.

I can tell you my methods work because:

A) I just got done practicing them in every form of tournament poker there is.

B) If my methods don’t work, I get fired.

As you can imagine, I don’t get to be wrong very often when I consult for backing stables. I have to deliver.

Between lessons, I send emails with hand histories and specific questions designed to get you thinking. This is my private email list, and it’s only open to Talent Coaching subscribers. You will be on this list forever if you join my program, and you will always have access to the newest concepts.

And trust me, there’s a reason everyone rips off my methods. There’s a reason Amazon reviewers say they wish The Myth Of Poker Talent was never released. You want access to my playbook. You want to be at the front of that line.

To Sign-Up For The Talent Coaching Program:

It’s $999 to any of these methods of payment. Please do not send me money on Stars, as I cannot access it in the United States.

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