Welcome To Kearny, New Jersey

Kearny Power Station and Pulasky Skyway at dusk in NJ

Kearny, New Jersey

You all asked me to say hi.

However, I overloaded my schedule.

Forgive me for this briefest of blogs.

I have made it to New Jersey. Thank you for everyone who wrote me a welcoming email. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on.

My anxiety had gone down to nothing in Arizona, but that was an unnatural environment. Climate controlling bachelor pads are like that.

I told myself to take it easy.

In the same 72-hour period I got my driver’s license, moved cross country, and then, on fours of sleep, went to Rutgers (the birthplace of college football) to see their team play the University of Washington.

I enjoyed a vacation with my girlfriend in Manhattan, then spent a Sunday going out to Lakewood, New Jersey to see the #1 MLB draft pick in 2016 play Class A ball.

On my first working day, I slept five hours, worked 12, and put $2,000 down on a prop bet that I could get an insane amount of work done in a week.

I visited my girlfriend in Queens during the week, and woke up to a jackhammer at the crack of dawn.

I kept my 2K, but it didn’t feel worth it. The good news is half of the videos for The Myth Of Poker talent webinar project are done.

It’s nice to run in the rain again.

My room is very small. But the desk is large. The office chair is comfortable. The sound system is nice. My housemates are polite. There’s a pool table, an outdoor lounge, free coffee, hot water, cool AC, and solid Wi-Fi. I’ve already re-upped for October.

I have no bills till November. Time to handle some back taxes and miscellaneous other debts.

Time to work. It feels good.

There’s even a Honduran family living below me that helps me take care of the dogs.

I’m embarrassed by how much I like speaking Spanish in my home again.

And the best part of course…

Watch.ESPN has free CFL games and replays.

Which is really good, because I don’t have cable.