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Kearney, New Jersey I’ve come to the decision that I have to give away my dogs. I was on the fence about giving them away. However, my apartment is tiny. They hate it. I never have time to play with

What’s Next?

Kearney, New Jersey I have been in a rut for over a year…and I am just coming out of it. It felt like my mind was thinking through wet cement. Before the last few months, I couldn’t rest, eat, or

Newark State Of Mind

“Where is the place for a weak man in a world like this?” – Kichijiro Kearney, New Jersey “Kearney is not going to be available next month.” “What?” I asked the Air BnB owner, mournfully looking at my gigantic desk, bespeckled


Kearny, New Jersey So many moving parts. And with the move, I keep missing particulars. I want to blame others, but truly, everything is my responsibility. It’s been a tough week, and I’m officially tired of saying, “it’s been a

Welcome To Kearny, New Jersey

Kearny, New Jersey You all asked me to say hi. However, I overloaded my schedule. Forgive me for this briefest of blogs. I have made it to New Jersey. Thank you for everyone who wrote me a welcoming email. Thank


“The price of anything is what you trade in your life to get it.” Bullhead City, Arizona “You want to donate to Harry’s kids brother?” the white man with neck tattoos asks me. Dark red beard. Trucker hat. The musk

Industrial Psychology

  “Doing things that scare you actually makes you more confident. If you have the courage to take action, your confidence will follow. Every time you push yourself to speak when you’re nervous, act when you’re afraid, or get to


Bullhead City, Arizona ex·haus·tion iɡˈzôsCH(ə)n/ noun a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue. the action or state of using something up or of being used up completely. I worked 59 hours last week. If I counted all the hours


Whenever I’m in trouble I always ask myself the same question: What would Charles Barkley do? Bullhead City, Arizona I do not believe in myself. I believe in numbers. On any given day, I don’t know what my best is


Bullhead City, Arizona The world conspires to stress me. It instead works the muscle. I strain it till it snaps. It rebuilds. It’s stronger. The world pushes me harder and harder. I do not relent. The world has its designs.