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6+ hours of personalized coaching for $999 View this email in your browser Special offer ends April 14th, 2017 Hey everybody! We’re opening The Talent Coaching Program up again to three new players. In addition, exclusive bonus materials are being provided every

Clean Your Room This Christmas

Enroll in my new Individual Talent Coaching Program Today View this email in your browser I just wanted to thank you quickly for your support during this year. I had a pretty tough 2016, but it was made much much

The Poker Talent Coaching Program!

The Personal Talent Coaching Package  Limited to 25 applicants  Special Offer ends : Nov. 30th, 2016   Hey guys, Following the release of my book The Myth Of Poker Talent, I have a very special deal for you: I’m opening a very

Throwback Classic! WCOOP 2014 $215 Zoom Second Chance Win

Hey everybody! I was unfortunately unable to play this year’s WCOOP due to unforeseen circumstances. However, I thought it was a shame to let the season go by without some coverage. So, I thought I’d dig into the vault of

Gaming The System

What is something you really enjoy? I’m not talking about poker. What do you do for fun? Do you play video games? Do you go to movies? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Okay, I want you to hold onto that

Get A Free Sample Of My New Book!

Hey guys! It’s great to be talking with you all again. I apologize for the radio silence, but I was off in a cave trying to get the final edits for The Myth Of Poker Talent done. I apologize to

The Assassinato Webinar Master Collection!

Hey everyone! In the last few newsletters I have announced that you could contact me for a private deal on buying multiple webinars. I was amazed how many of you reached out. Thank you very much for your support! Each

Test Your Poker Preview!

This is a multiple choice test. If you want to skip to the answers there’s a great deal of strategic content waiting there, but research shows testing yourself allows you to remember twice as much information. That is really why I’m

Test Your Poker!

Master Poker With Only One Hour A Day

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